What Guys Aren’t Telling You About Their Anxiety

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If you’re an anxious person, you probably notice that others around you can be just as anxious. It’s the same with anxiety in men: they aren’t immune to this common problem. Just like women, some guys are better at hiding their anxiety than others, which only makes it harder for people around them to know how they’re feeling. Here are five signs of hidden anxiety that men tend to hide:

They’re always nervous about things.

Anxiety is real, and it’s a serious problem. It can be hard to tell if you have anxiety or not because people often don’t show signs of it until they reach a breaking point—a point where they can no longer handle the stressors in their lives. But some men are more likely to hide their anxiety because they don’t want others to think they’re weak or unable to handle things on their own.

If you notice that your man is always nervous about things, he might be fighting off an anxiety disorder. Examples of signs include:

  • He never seems confident enough with his decisions or opinions.
  • He has a tendency of second-guessing himself when making decisions (like whether he should go out for dinner on Friday night).

They are more sensitive than you think.

Men are often perceived as tough, strong and fearless. They don’t need to be vulnerable or express their emotions because they’re too busy being the breadwinner and taking care of their families. But it’s important to remember that men can be just as sensitive as women—and they may even have a more difficult time dealing with their feelings because of this misconception about them.

If you notice that someone you know is acting in a way that seems unusual for them, ask yourself if something might be wrong. For example, if your boyfriend usually has an easygoing personality but suddenly seems tense and irritable all the time, he could be suffering from anxiety.

They have negative self-talk, too.

You might be surprised to learn that negative self-talk is a sign of anxiety, and it’s not something that only women experience. In fact, men tend to hide this from others because it’s seen as a weakness or an indication of mental illness. But just like other symptoms of anxiety (like anger-related issues or frequent avoidance), negative self-talk can have serious consequences for your overall health and happiness if it goes unchecked.

If you notice yourself saying things like “I’m not good enough” or “Why would anyone want me?” on a regular basis, then you need to start working on recognizing when these thoughts come up in your mind so you can begin learning how to overcome them.

They are afraid of the future.

Men are inherently more likely to fear the future because they want to be prepared for anything that may come their way. This is why they tend to be over-prepared and overly cautious: they’re worried about what could happen, so they’re going out of their way to make sure their bases are covered in case something unexpected happens.

But men don’t always share this side of themselves with others, especially if it means admitting weakness or vulnerability. It’s hard for them to admit that there’s a chance something will go wrong if they haven’t taken precautions against it—and even harder for them to admit that there’s a chance something could go wrong and ruin everything else in their lives as well.

They work themselves up about everything.

Men are less likely to talk about their problems than women. They tend to internalize them and think they’re alone in these issues. When a man doesn’t feel comfortable talking about his anxiety, he will usually start hiding it by acting on his impulses. He might start drinking more alcohol or smoking more cigarettes as a way of escaping reality. Another sign that you might notice is when your guy seems restless or distracted all the time. This can be due to how anxious he feels inside and how much effort he has tried putting into dealing with it himself without seeking professional help first (which would be extremely helpful).

If you notice any of these signs from your boyfriend or husband, don’t hesitate asking him if everything is okay!

They have to fight for calm.

People who appear cool and collected aren’t naturally that way; they fight to keep it together. Easygoing individuals may struggle with anxiety, evident in their aversion to small talk and constant phone or watch checking.

  • They often have difficulty making eye contact, as anxiety can make them feel self-conscious and uneasy during conversations.
  • Their hands may tremble or fidget subtly, betraying the inner tension they experience in social situations.
  • In crowded places, they tend to seek out quieter areas or escape routes.

Being a man does not make someone immune to anxiety.

Anxiety is a real problem, and it can affect anyone. Even men who seem calm and collected on the outside may be suffering from it in silence. In fact, studies show that men are almost twice as likely to experience anxiety than women do.

Don’t assume immunity to anxiety if you don’t show symptoms like discussing feelings or checking your phone. Seek treatment without embarrassment, as it’s vital for everyone, including men and women.


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