How to Dirty Keto

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Getting your keto on is not for the faint of heart. You will be tested by a lot of things, and it’s important to know how to push through. So here are some tips for dirty keto and how you can get back into shape!

Don’t skip meals or micromanage eating. Your body will tell you when it needs fuel. If it doesn’t have enough food or nutrition in its system then it will let you know, and that’s okay! Just listen and take care of yourself as best as possible while going through this process. And try not to stress or worry too much either!

Don’t worry about counting carbs.

On a keto diet, it’s tempting to focus on fats and protein, indulging in bacon, eggs, and cheeseburgers. The goal is to stay satisfied until dinner, thanks to these nutrients.


However, it is important to consider that there are other factors that may render this strategy less than ideal. Consuming an excessive quantity of high-fat food throughout the day, or even in a single meal, causes your body to store the surplus energy as fat cells. Yes, that’s correct – when we fail to provide our bodies with an adequate amount of calories, they resort to storing the unused energy as fat cells to tap into later.

Consequently, even if someone effectively manages their calorie intake to prevent weight gain while on the keto diet, their hunger levels may still progressively rise. This occurs because those extra calories find their way into their bodies as stored fat cells, ultimately triggering an increase in appetite and the urge to consume more food.

Enjoy those leafy greens.

Take pleasure in savoring the delightful taste and reaping the nourishing benefits of leafy greens! These vibrant and verdant vegetables not only offer incredible flavor but also provide a wealth of health advantages. Incorporate greens into your diet as they boast a low carbohydrate content and a high nutrient density. They offer an abundance of fiber, promoting digestion and fostering a healthy gut.

Furthermore, they deliver essential vitamins such as A, C, K, and folate (folic acid), contributing to the overall well-being of your body. Moreover, greens serve as a rich source of magnesium, a vital mineral renowned for its ability to regulate blood pressure levels actively. By actively relaxing your blood vessels, magnesium helps maintain optimal blood flow during physical activity or periods of stress. So, make it a habit to actively incorporate these nutritious greens into your meals and actively reap the many rewards they have to offer!

Add more fat

To follow a dirty keto approach effectively, you need to actively add more fat to your diet. If you are not getting enough fat, take action to increase your consumption of fats and oils.

Boost your energy levels and promote weight loss by incorporating healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado. It is crucial to consume these foods from natural sources to avoid harmful pesticides or additives that can be detrimental to your body when consumed in large amounts over extended periods.

One way to incorporate healthy fats into your diet is by actively choosing fatty foods such as cheese or pastries made with butter instead of margarine. These options contain fewer carbs compared to regular products while still providing the necessary daily fat intake. By actively selecting these alternatives, you can maintain proper nutrition levels throughout the day and night, ensuring you get enough rest while still receiving the nutrients your body needs.

Eat low-carb cheeses with abandon.

Cheeses are a great source of fat and protein, but they’re also loaded with calcium and vitamin D. You can eat cheese in moderation—it’s delicious!

Cheese can be used in cooking as a substitute for flour or other ingredients that you normally use when you bake, like breadcrumbs or eggs. The addition of cheese to your meals will make them more flavorful and interesting. If you want to get the most out of this ketogenic diet plan for weight loss purposes (and who doesn’t?), then try adding some cheddar to your favorite recipes!

Drink plenty of water and bone broth.

To get dirty on the keto diet, you must drink plenty of water—aim for at least two liters daily. If unsure or dislike the taste, make bone broth using beef or chicken bones (a few will suffice). Bone broth, abundant in minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients, enhances digestion, boosts immunity, and aids sleep due to melatonin, regulating circadian rhythms.

Avoid drinking your calories.

For a healthy lifestyle and keto diet, avoid sugary drinks like juice, alcohol, and sweetened coffee/tea. Even seemingly innocent options like hot chocolate can disrupt ketosis.


As a general rule, remember that if a drink is not calorie-free and low-carb, it’s not compatible with the principles of a keto diet. However, if you do feel the need to indulge in something sweet occasionally, it’s crucial to exercise moderation. Rather than enjoying dessert on a weekly basis, consider treating yourself to something sugary only once every few weeks. By doing so, you can maintain better control over your carbohydrate intake and ensure that your keto journey remains on track.

Try intermittent fasting.

If you’re looking for a way to dirty keto and improve your health, fasting might be the answer. Research has shown that fasting aids in weight loss and addresses other health issues.

It can also improve brain function, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels—even increase longevity! Simplify keto for your lifestyle with effortless strategies that don’t overwhelm you.

Lazy Keto is a great way to start out on this journey, but then again, so is any other diet out there. If you’re not feeling up for the whole “keto” thing, then just eat how you normally would—in moderation!

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you are new to low-carb eating and the ketogenic lifestyle, I recommend starting with some of these tips and experimenting with them until you find something that works best for your needs.

Remember that getting used to cooking differently and finding new foods can take time, so don’t give up if things aren’t perfect at first!


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